Working in AC

My grandparents, parents, and my own family have always lived in the northeastern section of the country. Our typical winter environment is snowy and windy, along with temperatures well below zero. We endure long months of winter, and run our heating systems for almost all the year. To step outside, everyone bundles up in snow boots, wool coats, knitted hats and gloves. Anytime we want to go anywhere, we spend quite a long time shoveling the driveway, scraping ice up from the windshield and letting the car loosen up. My son, Darren, moved down south many years ago. He now lives in the area that never gets snow or subzero temperatures. His apartment complex is simply not equipped with a heating system. When I visited my son for 7 days last winter, I expected to spend all of my time in the open air. I packed shorts, tank tops and swimsuits, and was really excited to swim and get a suntan. I quickly figured out, however, that people down south love to hide inside with the air conditioner blasting. My son had the thermostat set so low that I had to bundle up in sweatpants and a jacket inside of his dwelling. I can’t imagine having gorgeous weather outside and preferring to stay inside an air conditioned apartment all day. I tried to convince my son to turn off his cooling system and open up some windows. I wasn’t happy about trading his air conditioned apartment for the air conditioned restaurant. When I finally went to go swimming, I was the only one taking a dip in the pool.

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