Woodstove heating

I’ve had my share of renting apartments inside the city limits. I may have acquired the most wonderful character and unique touches of the old city life that some people only read about. You couldn’t pay me to live in a modern apartment. Nevertheless, this most recent apartment we rented took the cake. I’d never in my life seen a wood stove in an apartment. Granted it was a old style Victorian that they turned into about five apartments, but it certainly didn’t seem to have a safe way of heating in any respect, though there it was. Originally, I decided to buy one window box air conditioning unit and then one portable electric heater which you could roll around the apartment. Actually, I know the city never got so cold for any air conditioner, but I know my physical stature and even if I barely ever used it, I wanted it in case I needed it. It just so happened that this year was the worst on record in a long time! It was freezing and I actually was using both my heaters at the same time. I knew this was not going to be good for my heating bill, but the surprise I got was over the top. I couldn’t believe it, My partner and I had no idea how much simple little heaters could cost. They were certainly not cost or energy efficient on any level for the heating device. I was getting desperate and chose to give the wood stove a chance. I was floored by the sum of heat this tiny little stove could discharge! It was an intense heat that drowned the complete apartment. I knew this was going to be cheaper option as it was much better than using the portable heaters.

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