Need HVAC zone control with these roommates

I am incredibly sick of living with roommates! I am working my way through a high priced college with minimal assistance. I have two jobs while I am taking classes full-time. Living in a college city, roommates graduate often, we have two new people who just moved in. They are of the lucky one’s whose parents are footing their bill and this makes them the worst type of roommate to have! They are totally unaware of life responsibilities like utilities and additionally could care less! Our cooling bill came yesterday and was so high I nearly cried. We split it a few ways, which is nothing to everyone but me. I just can’t spend a whole lot on utilities and handle working so much. I am never at the house! I sat everyone down and asked what we could do about the air conditioning situation? They were all clueless as to why I cared about that. I told them I would call out an HVAC technician to help see how to lower the energy bill and I still got no response. The technician was awesome and incredibly sympathetic to my situation. He suggested several things right off with Zone Control and a Smart App. This way the thermostat could be set for each individual bedroom in the home, so that we could each pay for the quantity of energy we were using inside our own rooms. The other spaces were even more tricky, but with the Smart App I could monitor the thermostat and temperature from my phone! Honestly, they won’t notice me controlling their air conditioning and I can bring down our utility charges pretty fast!

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