Heated floors for bathroom

Living down south has made me think back to the times I lived up north. When I first moved out of my parents I moved into an historic building that was over 100 years old. The building and architecture itself was gorgeous and made everyone feel as though I we were back in its history. The heating system, however, ended up being unbearable. Again the house itself was over 100 years old so the only heater I had was in my bathroom. This was ideal as I loved taking showers in the morning and would be able to enter the bathroom and have a nice hot shower. When I would remove the curtain I would be acquiring a cold blast from the rest of the house. It was also nice to know part way through the night if I had to run to the bathroom, I wouldn’t be shivering while accomplishing my business. Now that my business is down south I do sometimes miss having that bathroom heater as the weather will sometimes be a bit cooler and taking hot showers can be slightly inconvenient. I do have a much better HVAC system than the historic house, however, the system itself isn’t as strong as the heater that I used to have so there are a few nights where I get a tad too hot or too cold. During those days I think back to my old house and am grateful that I can at least get airflow at the home I’m in now compared to just inside the old bathroom.

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