Wanting AC outside

The outdoor theater that is on the beach was showing older films this summer. I wanted to take my young son Tommy, when they were showing Toy Story. It is the best movie from my childhood, & I knew Tommy would be delighted to see it on the important screen. It was easily muggy and also was humid outdoors that day, although I thought that maybe the weather would be cooler after the sun was all down. Toy Story was to begin at dusk, which wasn’t until about 7:30 in the night. It was still entirely  hot out there, when Toy Story finally began. I had a small portable battery operated fan to keep us cool, but it did not do the job. It was not working like an air conditioner would have. I instantly wished that Toy Story had been inside of a theater downtown, instead of at an outdoor theater that is on the beach. Tommy was complaining about being too hot, before we even started the you’re in my spot scene.  Tommy wanted to be in the air conditioning, although I was hoping to stay & watch the movie. My boyfriend decided to take Tommy down to the beach, so he could cool off in the ocean waves. Tommy and my boyfriend were gone for about 15-20 minutes, before they returned covered in salt and water.They finally sat back down & started to get back into the movie. I knew the lack of air cooling made the experience a little hard, but Tommy finally started enjoying the movie.

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