New issues and HVAC can help

I am totally at a loss with my recent flu symptom issues. I am in my mid 30s and never before have I suffered from this type of problem. I was at a loss when recently I was having all kinds of bodily reactions to animals, the pet dander and weather. So, I made a check up with my physician and within minutes of her exam, she tells me that I have allergy issues. How does that happen later in your life when never before was it an issue? She said that several women’s body make up changes, however occasionally a ton of use on one’s Heating, Ventilation, and A/C heating and cooling equipment can absolutely increase the likelihood of contracting such an issue. I was at a loss, for sure enough residing in a entirely  humid and warm climate in the south, I resided and breathed by an air conditioning device. If it wasn’t even working, my life would be over as I knew I needed serious cool down things to happen. I set the control equipment pretty small and on a battery operated timer to try and conserve energy and promote cost efficiency, however now I think I did the thing that would increase this problem. She asked me all about my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C heating and cooling service and I said to her that I couldn’t remember even when the final time it was that I had the AC diagnosed. I could tell by the look on her that this was not good. She proceeded to tell me the air vents are where the worst pollutants are held and if not officially washed and changed out regularly.

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