Game time and AC

One of my favorite athletic activities to partake in is baseball. I have been playing baseball since high school.  I now play for a men’s beer league, and I’ve  become fairly good at it.  A few weeks ago, my  team played in a local baseball tournament.   I was sprinting for home plate when I sprained my ankle.  It was the second inning of the last game. I wanted stay, hang out and  watch the rest of the game, but I couldn’t.  My ankle was throbbing and swelling.  Since it was super hot out, I knew I should get inside and take advantage of some ice and air conditioning.  I couldn’t drive with my injury, so my girlfriend, Hailey, drove me.   Hailey helped me put my feet up, and got me some ice to put on my ankle.  She offered to adjust the thermostat, but this wasn’t necessary.  I have a smart thermostat and wifi accessibility.  I can access the controls of the HVAC system through an app on the smartphone.  This was particularly helpful with my ankle injury.  I needed to keep my weight off it and have the foot elevated.  Because of the smart thermostat, I didn’t need to get up to make changes to the thermostat.  I simply pulled out my phone and adjusted the air conditioning to my preferences.  I was thankful that I had not only invested in the smart technology, but also scheduled a repair for the cooling unit the week before. The compressor wasn’t running right, and my house was feeling a bit hot and sticky.  The air conditioner seemed to be running all of the time but not accomplishing anything.  The repair was fairly inexpensive and was completed quickly.  After that, the air conditioner ran like new.  It really helped to keep me comfortable while I was recovering from my ankle injury.  

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