Cooling device and the lawn mowing

I had an extremely busy weekend to start the month of July. My wife, Jane, and I just bought our first house.  There was a lot of upkeep required, and one  of our first job was to mow the lawn. It was terribly overgrown and difficult to mow. It had rained several inches over the last couple of days, and the lawnmower kept sinking into the mud.  The tall  grass and issues with the lawn mower made for a challenging day. It took me several hours of manual labor, but I was finally able to complete the task. I headed inside and turned our cooling system on at full capacity. I was so thankful that our new house had a central cooling system installed. The previous owners installed the  new  Air Conditioning system only five years before, and they were conscientious about  having a certified Heating and Air Conditioning specialist service it every  year.  Because of this, the cooling equipment ran efficiently and effectively.  Shortly after Jane and I moved in, the HVAC contractor showed up at our door.  The previous owner had invested in a service plan which was transferrable to us. We were eligible for three more appointments. I was so satisfied with the efforts and professionalism of the HVAC technician that I decided to continue the service. The cost for the maintenance plan is reasonable,  and the home’s heating and cooling system is a priority to me. I made the arrangements to continue the service appointments. Before the HVAC specialist left, he even gave me a bunch of free air filters.