AC repair at the school

One of our community elementary schools had a bit down shutdown & evacuation last week. It was the warmest day of the year so far & the main Heating & Air Conditioning proposal stopped even working. It was over 110 degrees outside by 8 in that day! By snack time, the interior of the school was near 92 degrees. That is awful for people of any age, but especially the little  young ones & the elderly; Little children are entirely  energetic & their body temperature will go up hastily on a certain day. When it is severely tepid in a space, the young men’s temperatures will rise even more. For the health & concern of the children, the school was closed down & the boys’ parents were called to snatch them up. I do not get what the issue was with the Heating & Air Conditioning system, however I know they had a HVAC service team & repair crew out to the school within an hour of the closing. They worked the  full day, all day & most of the next day. The school was not open for nearly 2 full days. I am sure this will mean that the gentlemen will have to be in school 2  more days longer than originally planned. This will surely go to an issue with at least a few family Summer trips. I get the concept of make up days, but when the people I was with and I are so nearby to the end of the semester why does it easily matter if the gentlemen miss more than one or 2 days of classes?

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