Saving to buy home and HVAC

Over the years I have been saving my money so that I can purchase a home. I am tired of renting as you do not get full ownership and can not do as you please. Recently I bid in an auction and purchased a brick home for very cheap. I was happy with the investment that I made because I have researched that brick homes are great for trapping in the air whether it be cool air or heat. However to my disappointment when we finally stepped into the home we could tell that the HVAC unit had not been run for some time and would take some work to get back functioning correctly. When we opened the door to examine the units to find they were covered with black mold. This worried me as I figured water must be getting in the unit somehow to be creating the mold problem. I called a good friend of mine who is familiar with maintaining the HVAC units. I am so glad that he is a friend as he explained to me that simple good cleaning would have my unit running effectively in no time. After he assisted me in getting the HVAC to function again he congratulated me on such a great buy. I thanked him and gave him some side money for saving the unit as I know it costs fortunes to have new ones installed and maintained. I could never repay him for all the money he saved me. He assured me it was no problem and to phone him if I ever have any more issues.

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