Hidden Heated Flooring

My husband and I have been married for about twenty five years now. It has become so difficult to think of new and exciting gifts to get each other of anniversary after this long. I knew we had an important anniversary coming up, so I wanted to something really special. We are lucky enough that we are able to travel as much as we want, so I really didn’t want to give him a trip. I tried really hard to think of something unique and out of the box for him. I am glad I starting doing my research early because I was really stumped on this one. I looked all over the internet and couldn’t find one thing he might like. Then it hit me, I would give him the gift of heated floors. This might sound funny to some people, but I think this is the perfect gift for my husband. He loves to take long hot showers and he is always complaining about how cold the floor is when he gets out. I mean it is something that really bothers him, he talks about it everyday. So I am going call my local HVAC company and I am going to have them install radiant flooring in our master bathroom. The will install pipes underneath the floors and hot water will run through them, this will heat up the floor and make it warm to the touch. It was hard keeping this a surprise because installing radiant flooring takes about a week. But, I was able to keep the HVAC technicians hidden from my husband and keep the whole thing a surprise.

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