Golfing and A/c

Golf was my favorite pastime as a young man. I took up the sport at an early age because my dad was also an avid golfer. I got my first set of golf clubs when I was 13, and I practice weekly from then on out. As much as I enjoyed golfing, I enjoyed hanging out with my dad at the country club just as much. After we would play a round, we would get lunch together at the club and dad would talk to me about my stroke and how to improve it.I recently had a bad experience at my own country club. I finished around of golf and decided to join some friends for lunch only to find out that the air conditioner in the dining area was not working. We were all tired because we had been outside all morning, so we were disappointed when we found out that the HVAC system was not going to be able to keep us cool while eating lunch. It didn’t matter where we sat– beneath an air vent, near a window, or near the door– the entire dining area was too warm. I was upset because I pay a pretty hefty fee to be a member at this golf course, and I expect the air conditioner to be in good shape at all times. I complain to the manager about the situation, and he assured me that an HVAC mechanic was on the way to have the problem fixed. I’m sure that they will handle the issue, but if it happens again I’m going to consider moving my membership.

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