An A/C for an old home

My dad has lived in the same house for twenty years now. When I was a kid, so it holds a lot of sentimental value to him. He is a very handy man, and he knows a lot about maintaining household appliances. The house is as sturdy as it can be, and even after two decades it is in top shape. However, he never had an HVAC system installed in the house and I don’t know how he continues to live there without one. As a kid, I never knew any different, but now that I have lived in a home with a heating and cooling system, I don’t think I could go back to living without one. Every time I go over to visit my dad, I am uncomfortable because I am used to being in a climate-controlled building. It makes it hard for me to visit for more than an hour because I am usually sweating by then. I had suggested that he look into having a cooling system installed but he refuses. He is old fashioned, and does not want to have to spend money on utilities if he does not have to. Our summers are pretty mild, so it’s not uncommon for homes here to not have HVAC units. However, I think he would enjoy his house more if he had some kind of small a/c unit. I have suggested that he look into buying a ductless mini split air conditioner. He could use this to at least cool his living area and kitchen, and it would serve him well.

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