Allergies and HVAC

I have had terrible allergies basically as long as I can remember. They happen so often and so frequently I spend half of my free time in bed feeling like I have some type of flu. This past year I had the worst episode of allergies yet! I was quite certain I was going to die. My chest seemed to feel like it was on fire, my throat closed up to the point I could barely swallow or breathe, on top of what little air I could get quickly left my lungs because of how tight everything felt. My care provider put me on some undoubtedly powerful medicine, however, those only helped a tiny bit. My brother-in-law offered to assist me after hearing how bad I was doing. He is a certified Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional and he called me to ask about my air purification system, I wasn’t aware if I had one of those, so he made sure to come over right away and do some looking at my heating & cooling system. He saw in a matter of minutes what my biggest problem was. The air duct was full of dust along with other allergens. He was undoubtedly skilled and performed an air duct cleaning for me right then and there. He also put in a new air filter. I blushed after watching him change the filter because I had never done it but it was super simple to execute. The upside was I could now change the filter on my own! Had I know that the change of an air filter would drastically affect the way the HVAC system worked I would have done it sooner! The air quality in my cabin hastily became more comfortable. My allergies started to clear up within days too! I will undoubtedly be keeping a better eye on my home’s Heating, Ventilation & A/C proposal from now on. I had accidentally assumed that the only benefit from heating & cooling proposals were keeping your space a good temperature, but they do so much more than that!

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