A Late Technician

Two weeks ago, my roommate and I noticed that our air conditioning unit was leaking water. This is not the first time it has happened, but every time it is still just as annoying. We thought we could fix the problem by replacing the air filter, but that didn’t help. I also tried to clean of the coil, still no luck. So we called our landlord after a full day of trying to fix the problem ourselves. He didn’t reply for three days, which was really annoying because it is the summer time and we are dying without the air conditioner running all the time. When he finally did reply, he gave us the number of a HVAC company to call and come look at the issue. I called the HVAC repairman twice and I didn’t hear back from him for five days. At this point we were going on a week without our air conditioner working. Luckily we had portable fans, but that still didn’t help combat the humidity. Finally, I was able to get the HVAC repairman on the phone and he said he would come out first thing the following day. This was not the case, he was an hour late and that made me an hour late for work. He looked and the HVAC unit and said he need to use the vacuum in his truck to clear out the lines running to the air conditioner. This process took maybe twenty minutes. Even though I was annoyed it took so long for him to come to the house, I am really happy we now have a working air conditioner.

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