Swimming and temperature control

Our town has a free community pool for the kids and their families, and this summer was quickly becoming a hot one.  My kids and I love to swim, and we ended up spending many days swimming in the cool water at the pool.  It was good for the kids, and relaxing for me.  We cooled off in the pool during the day, and we went home to the air conditioning system that we had installed earlier that year.  My husband, kids and I, all have different ideas of comfort when it comes to temperatures in the home.  When we checked all of the options that were available with our new HVAC system, we found one thing that, almost instantly, had our attention.  Our HVAC contractor told us about zone control HVAC, and it seemed like a great option.  Zone control heating and air conditioning gave us the ability to separate temperature settings in each room.  Each room had its own individual thermostat that controlled the climate, which made it perfect for my husband and myself, and for the kids.  My husband is a fanatic about having it really cool in his work area.  I often see him with a long sleeve shirt on during the summer.  I like it a bit warmer, but not hot, because I like to run around without shoes.  My kids have found their own favorite settings.  We have found that although a long day at the pool is nice, zone control HVAC in the house is great, and our friendly HVAC contractor inspired it.

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