Single cooling system

I have an adorable little tabby cat for a pet.  She is really well mannered, and the kids have fallen in love with her.  What is funny is when it is really hot outside, my kitty will hang out in my bedroom with me, where the air conditioning is.  My bedroom is also my office, and the rest of the house is without HVAC, so I guess kitty thinks I have the coolest place in the house.  She will come into the room and sit at the bottom of the bed and beg.  When I shake my head, she will stretch out in front of the air from the air conditioner and go to sleep.  There are times when it is so hot outside, that the kids will come in and curl up on the bed, so they too can enjoy the air conditioning.  We turn on the television, pop some corn, and have a cool afternoon.  I guess it’s a good thing that we have the air conditioner in my room, because I can’t imagine taking my brood to the beach, or to a restaurant and we all sit around a table with a coke, and our tablets, and relax  in the air conditioning.  It may be fun, but I don’t think I would want to go out every day that it is hot just to have some air conditioning.  I am planning on having central air conditioning put in next month.  The kids don’t know yet, so they will be surprised when they get home from Grandma’s and the entire is cool from the new air conditioning system.

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