Should have had AC

Recently I have required some long dental sessions to fix several problems.  It has been a long, painful, and expensive process, and it still isn’t complete.  I ended up taking quite a bit of time off from work, and to make it worse, every week when I walked in, there was always some kind of disaster in the office.  Last week, I walked into a problem with the heating and cooling system.  My appointment seemed to be starting out like any other, but then I could feel the waiting room getting warmer.  The air ducts were actually spewing hot air, and it was summer time.  I couldn’t believe what I was feeling and I got up to ask the receptionist if she could please turn off the heat and issue some air conditioning into the lobby.  She explained that the dentist preferred the heat, and no one was allowed to touch the thermostat as long as he was the dentist on duty.  I was outraged as I began to rant about how disrespectful the dentist was that he was willing to put all of the patients in such a state of unease, for his own pleasure.  She just continued to smile, and I was forced to just sit back in the seat and wait for my turn.  Eventually I got to see the dentist and in no time, I was able to leave the air conditioning nightmare behind me.  However, because of the air conditioning nightmare, I vowed that as soon as I got home, I was going to find a new dentist.

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