Older building air quality

I am living my dream and I am only twenty-five years old.  I have an apartment in a major metropolis that is the financial hub on the East coast, and I work for a prestigious financial brokerage firm.  I wear Prada, and eat in gourmet restaurants.  I am an extremely lucky woman, and I have worked to get here, so I don’t take it for granted.  Our office is a thirty five story high rise, that is all dark windows.  It has the best HVAC technology that is known to man.  There is climate control and smart control, multi-split air conditioning and radiant heating.  It is a beautiful work place and it has amazing air quality because there isn’t any ductwork that can carry dust and dirt into the air.   I care that the heating and cooling technology is effective, but I also find that it is often very cold.  I sometimes find it hard to use my keyboard because my fingers are so cold.  I keep a small jacket for my shoulders and a blanket for over my legs and feet, but that doesn’t do anything to warm my fingers.  I had a chat with the office manager about the heating, or lack of heating, and he told me it was okay to bring in a space heater, but he wanted to discuss the air conditioning with upper management.  A couple of days later, the manager told me he was able to get management to adjust the temperature up a couple of degrees in the work area.  He said that as long as no one complained about the heat, he would leave it where it was, and we could be more comfortable.

indoor air quality