Indoor air quality for skin conditions

About 4 years ago, I brought our dad to live with my brother plus me. After mom died, he seemed to be rapidly declining mentally plus physically. He wasn’t drinking, eating or taking his medicines like he is supposed to. He used to be such a strong plus powerful man, so to see him fall apart like this was actually a shock.


Six months after that Dad acquired news from his regular nurse that he had emphysema. He had been coughing and hacking, plus having difficulty breathing for a long time before that, however all of us thought it might be the remnants of the flu or that lung infection he’d had. To get such a big diagnosis was scary, then my brother plus I want to do all we can to care for our Dad plus the nurse provided us with some helpful tips.


She stressed the importance of keeping the air inside of the home as clean as possible.She said indoor air quality conditions was paramount to all of us so we needed to keep the irritants plus contaminants to a bare minimum.She suggested that all of us install an air purification upgrade with a HEPA filter to our system that would help remove these irritants.


He also stated that since we own a gas furnace, it’s especially important to keep it clean plus functioning in a proper way so that no soot or allergens are being released into the air. “Make sure the pilot light is functioning properly,” she said. “Your gas gas furnace could be releasing dangerous fumes that would hinder our dad’s breathing, so be sure to have it diagnosed by a professional.”


Our HVAC company rep installed the air cleaner plus he has assured us that the gas furnace plus our air purification upgrade is all is working as good as can be. I’m satisfied knowing we’re doing what we can to help our father live a longer healthier life.

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