Climate control in the bookstore

One of the greatest dreams my wife and I have has always been to become published authors. That dream was fulfilled last February when we self published our first book. It was a memoir about the personal struggles we had faced in life. It hasn’t sold too many copies, however just knowing that our stories have inspired a handful of people is more than enough of a reward for us. We didn’t stop with that first book, either. We definitely just published our second book in 6 months! We can’t believe of any feeling that compares with publishing our books. Having a powerful HVAC system is also a nice feeling. Our heating + cooling idea has been on our mind quite frequently lately. We moved into a new home recently, where the new thermostat confused us greatly. We were accustomed to the aged fashioned ones that we just turned with our hand. We had never used a digital thermostat. We definitely had to call an HVAC specialist in order to find out how to help us work the thermostat! The HVAC specialist was very nice plus actually helpful. He showed us how to job the thermostat without any issues. We were quite embarrassed to require an HVAC specialist to show us how to use a digital thermostat, to be completely honest. He also diagnosed our heating + cooling system issues while he was here. We had to pay for his time anyway. We figured we might as well make sure our heating plus cooling idea was working respectfully! He ran a fancy diagnostic test on all the components of our heating + cooling system. Everything seemed to be up to standards, so the HVAC specialist thanked us and went on his way.

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