Water leaks with AC

     I never buy myself new things, especially when they don’t serve a proper function or they’re purely meant for decoration. That’s why it was an important step for me to search for new rug for my living room, in the name of home decor. I found a large carpet with a beautiful blue pattern and arranged for it to be transported home, and it fit perfectly with my other furniture. I was so thrilled with myself, that is, until only one day later. I woke the next morning, walked into my hallway, and heard my air conditioning unit making an ungodly noise in the living room. I hurriedly walked to the site and was shocked to observe brown water dripping from my air conditioner and pooling along the floor. I ran over to my cooling unit and turned it off, noticing that it was also ridiculously hot. The air conditioner was definitely not producing any cool air, and smelled horrible as it spewed wet, warm air out of its vents. I called the closest HVAC company but, they were unwilling to come out to service this small AC system, and suggested I just replace it. Not wanting to jostle more disgusting water out from the air conditioner, I frantically called my boyfriend to come help me remove the broken cooling system. I replaced that air conditioner that very day, but couldn’t afford to do same with my rust stained rug. Instead, I spent another two days scrubbing that.  At least I was in the comfort of my new air conditioning while I scrubbed the rug.

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