How to do AC in the south

I came to be raised in the desert southwest. It’s a beautiful section of the country with an ancient, awesome history. There is a diverse blend of cultures, food, dress, and climatic conditions. There are beautiful mountain views, big arroyos, and desert plains that travel on for miles. Bountiful rivers filled with trout work their way through pine forests, and multitudes flock to ski resorts for the infamous white powder.


Most people within the southwest use an evaporative cooler or “swamp cooler” to help their homes and businesses. As a consequence of the hot and arid nature of the environment, evaporative coolers are better option as they add moisture to your dry air. Swamp coolers are more economical to install and also less costly to operate and maintain as compared to central air conditioners or refrigerated A/C systems. You can also leave windows open if you use an evaporative cooler as the A/C requires a constant supply of dry air to humidify and cool.


Once I married and moved away from the deep south, I was introduced to central air conditioning or chilled air. This was a totally new experience for me. The HVAC systems in the south actually work to take out water from the air as part of the cooling process. The air is cooled with a refrigerant and then sent into your home, where it is recirculated. You must keep windows closed as that makes your air conditioner work more demanding to cool down the house if you have hot air coming in through the outside.


It’s interesting to me precisely how weather and environment control our lives to a very huge degree. I enjoy learning how different areas of the world make their homes more comfortable and enjoyable with the use of modern technology and how these processes vary from place to place throughout the world.