Closing air vents

Shut down Basement Vents – Most cellars . stay cool, even during the greatest summer months. To save funds, close off any AC vents or air ducts you might have open in the basement. Frigid air, by nature, automatically descends to your lowest point, so by closing the basement air vents, your air conditioner is not working to cool areas that truly don’t require it and definitely will cool off hotter rooms instead.


Schedule Routine Maintenance – It’s vital to keep your HVAC system held and properly cleaned. A heating and cooling tech should come to your residence twice a year to clean up the outdoor unit and assess the indoor AC equipment with regard to irregularities. Trying to save money by skimping for a service call for your air conditioner is normally false economy.


Check HVAC Ductwork – Make sure the ductwork that runs through your house is properly insulated and that there are no leaks. Making sure ducts are properly insulated can certainly help keep the air as cold as possible so that when it leaves the ducts and it is distributed into the AC vents, you’re getting truly cold air, not air that is only partway cold.


Set Your Thermostat and Leave behind It – Constantly adjusting the thermostat on your property can put unnecessary strain onto your central air conditioning and heater. Set your temperature control for a comfortable level and leave it.


Change AC Filters – Make sure to change your air conditioning filters habitually. For most homes, this is typically once per month. A dirty filter forces your furnace and A/C to work a lot harder as dust and clutter may clog the heating and cooling appliances. Also, switching the air filter ensures that your folks and you are breathing clean air, rather than air full of pollen, dirt and other allergens.

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