Need a qualified HVAC guy

When men and women are looking to do anything in their place of residence, they tend to do one of numerous things. They may go online and find the least expensive professional or they watch YouTube videos explaining how to do it themselves. My sibling is the kind of guy to do everything without the need for a pro. He hates having to ask for help, let alone supply a job up to someone who will make him for out too much money twice the amount it would cost for him to just get it done by himself. Last month though, he has learned that there are some things you leave to the people who know how. A few afternoons ago he had decided that he was going to get rid of a few walls in his place of residence so that he could embrace the open concept home. He went straight to his computer and watched about 5 hours of YouTube videos. My sibling seems fairly sure that he would be successful. This was not the case though. He was able to take a sledgehammer to the walls just fine, but, he failed to realize that some of his ductwork for the HVAC system in the place of residence was put in those walls. He now had giant ducts hanging in the air around in his home and he was not exactly overjoyed about it. He then tried various fixes to see if he could fix the problem. He googled everything from removing ducts to replacing the ductwork, but, every result offered the same advice. That our sibling really was in need of a local HVAC provider. Defeated, he finally made the decision to call and was told that because his place was such a mess they would send out the owner. When the serviceman arrived he first acknowledged our sibling on successfully tearing down all of the wall without demolishing the ducts. He then informed our sibling about a new HVAc system that was ductless. With a ductless unit, he could remove the now noticeable ducts and the rest of the ducts in the place of residence. My sibling was seriously grateful and accepted this kind offer… Now before our sibling begins to look up DIY projects he makes sure it has nothing to do with HVAC systems in anyway, just to avoid trouble.