Dance club HVAC issues

My girlfriends and I have a great time going out on the weekends to different dance clubs. Every one of us just loves to drink and dance the night away. The best thing about the clubs both of us go to is that they always have really great Heating and A/C systems installed, but you can truly job up a sweat dancing to beat the band, and it is truly a requirement for dance clubs to have really high quality Heating and A/C equipment. One rather typical August night, our friends and I got all ready to head out for drinks and dancing. Every one of us loaded up in the Kia Sportage and made our way to Hank’s Dance Emporium. When both of us sashayed in the door, the building was pleasant and cool, which made us think that their Heating and A/C component was truly working at full capacity, so both of us proceeded to enter Hank’s Dance emporium. Every one of us ordered our margaritas and began to put on our dancing shoes. After about an hour of being on the dance floor, I had become quite grossly sweaty, so I decided to sit down to rest and cool off on a barstool. After a few minutes of hanging out there at the bar, I realized that I wasn’t any less hot. I think that Heating and A/C component was broken or something. I asked the guy behind the bar, and he told myself and others that some college kid had tampered with the Heating and A/C thermostat and switched the heat on. It had been switched back to cooling system since then so not to worry the building should cool down in a bit. I was a bit miserable that some stupid college clown would play such a horrible joke, but it least the guy behind the bar found out in time to maintenance the problem before the place got so hot that someone passed out. Now, when I head out to clubs where college kids go, I make sure to pay attention to the temperature of the room. I don’t want to pass out!

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