AC in my new car

When we finally decided to purchase a new vehicle, I wanted to ensure that I got exactly what I needed first. Before I went to the vehicle lot on my own, I made a list of all amenities I wanted to be built into my car. I even submitted what specific colors I prefered as that’s important to me. Since I was going to a used car lot, I knew that I may not get everything I wanted, so I wrote the most important things at the top of the page. The very first item for my list was HVAC. My previous car does not possess any heating or air conditioning, and the hotter days where I live are brutal without it, it was very uncomfortable to be in the car. I was willing to give up the heating I wanted within the car at first, but I felt very strongly about having air conditioning for my new car. When I got to the car lot, one for the employees approached me and I simply handed him my list. There was no requirement for a conversation since I knew what I wanted. We walked inside and he got on his computer to see if any of his cars on the lot matched my specifications. He said there were at least three cars of which matched my needs, but two did not have air conditioning. I would either have to choose the one car with air conditioning or head off to another car lot that day, for I wasn’t budging. We walked out looking at the cars and to my own surprise, I loved it so much. It was even the color I asked for! After a bit of test driving, we did some paperwork and set in place a payment plan I could manage that month.  I drove my new car home with the A/C basting high. I was so very happy finally to have a car with air conditioning today!

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