HVAC service

My best friend and I just recently got married. Both of us had a charming, traditional ceremony big and fancy with a honeymoon travelling all over western Utah. What a grand time. It’s all been like a dream, but now, since we’ve returned home, reality has hit and it’s time to get serious about the rest of our life.


The first thing we did when we opened the door to our new home was to turn on the HVAC unit. The home smelt damp and stinky and each one of us wanted to air it out. When my new companion switched on the temperature control, the motor started whirring and made a funny sound, however no air came out of the vents. All of us checked the fuse box, tried more with the temperature control unit, however nothing seemed to help.


The last thing I wanted to deal with after the pressing expense of our wedding and honeymoon was a major new home repair or purchase like a new central cooling system. I wasn’t sure what to do, so my cousin recommended I called her heating and a/c corporation. She trusted them to be fair with us.


The professional told us that while our heating and A/C system could be repaired, he would suggest a new system as soon as every one of us were able to afford it. All of us were hard strapped for cash, so buying a HVAC unit and gas furnace was just not happening right now.


Both of us got our A/C repaired and now we’re saving towards a brand new Heating and Air Conditioning unit. While I was so disappointed that both of us eventually have to spend money for a new system, I’m happy each one of us have time to save up for it.

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