cooling set up for the gym

I think I’m getting older, that hurts I must confess.  The time did sneak up on me.  I never realized how our body changes as every one of us age, however aging it has become.  I can’t do what I used to.  I was normally a jogger. I could go out and run at any time of the day.  Whether it was sunny or not.  Of course, I normally used common sense.  I wouldn’t necessarily run while in thunderstorms, however in the deep south, you learn to schedule your workout around mother nature.  The heat would not necessarily bother me however the humidity was a death trap.  So I’d run early in the morning or later, after the sun would set for the day. I worked in an office for 60 plus hours a week, so the possibilities to get outside for exercise were limited, requiring me to take advantage of my schedule the best way possible.  Do I go outside in the dire heat to exercise now or do I skip it because it is too tepid out.  At times like these, I opted for an indoor gym.  I drive to a nearby gym and spend a mere few dollars to acquire access to all the exercise equipment that I need and all the while, I’m inside in cool a/c.  Of course, I will be inside of a building instead of the fresh outdoors.  That is precisely why the ventilation in the gym must also be the most modern, in its operational functions.  With all the body sweat found in a gym, separate from a/c and a fantastic ventilation system, I would not be able to work out inside an enclosed building.  And with the heat where I live, I may be into fitness, however I’m not dead yet.  So I go to the gym for at least half a year.  I work out inside of a cool air conditioned, well ventilated building where anyone with half a mind should work out in the south in the Summer.

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