Wedding hall

It is our special day.  The day of our wedding.  Everyone is up early and the house is buzzing with activity.  We must all be on the road to the church in just a few hours.  I’ve got to eat something even if it’s just a little breakfast and I still have my hair and makeup to do.  My mother and sister are with me to help me stay calm and keep my schedule.  Somehow we all manage to get to the church on time.  We finally arrive and I start to question why we’re getting married. My head and stomach are making me feel uneasy Is this just normal pre-wedding jitters? I know I love my soon-to-be husband.  So what’s wrong? I only have a few more minutes of single life left.  As my mind is wandering, I am putting my makeup on.  I begin to swoon.  My mother notices my discomfort.  She too is feeling under the weather but didn’t want to say anything. We suspect a virus.  But then the sweat beads are beginning to show on my face.  We get word of other family members feeling unwell and have stepped outside for fresh air.  In only minutes they improve.  This is not pre-wedding jitters. My family notices the HVAC trucks in the back parking lot and inquire.  It seems that the church has a ventilation problem.  The air inside is dirty and not being filtered properly before entering our lungs.  My father verifies that this has become a quality air issue.  The repairs to the ventilation system will be hours yet.  After giving a piece of my mind to the head deacon, we all pack up and go home, bringing the pastor with us.  Cool, clean air conditioning waiting for us.