The benefits of ductless HVAC

One of the reasons that experts recommend ductless heating and air conditioning systems is that they are much more efficient than conventional systems. Greater efficiency means that your HVAC unit spends less money than, for example, a central air conditioner to cool the same sized space. But how, you may be asking yourself, does it accomplish this? It’s really quite a clever system. For one, ductless systems are smaller and thus consume less electricity. Ductless systems also don’t have to push air around through a series of long tubes. In conventional air conditioning systems, all the air you just spent money to cool has to wind through ducts before getting to the destination room. Along the way, it warms up quite a bit, especially if the ducts are not well insulated. Ductless air conditioning systems have the advantage of needing these ducts, so the cool air travels directly from your air conditioner to the room you desire to cool. Not only that, but you can have certain “zones” in your home that are not cooled when nobody is using them. That way, you aren’t wasting money cooling rooms that aren’t in use. If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you, then maybe this next one is. What if I told you that you may be eligible for tax credits or utility rebates the year that you switch over to ductless? There are federal, state, and local programs that allow homeowners and even business owners to take advantage of these extra savings. The time to switch over is now!

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