We love living in the mountains.  It doesn’t get too hot up here and the winters are not as bad as other areas of the country.  In fact, last year, we had a very mild winter compared to other years. We had to use both the central heating and the fireplace to get through the season but it never fud get so cold that we had to use the furnace.  So it would probably be a good idea to have the HVAC company come over and check out both my heater and the furnace.  The furnace is decades old so I don’t use it if I don’t have to.  But they built them well back then.  But just in case it is needed, I want assurances that it will work properly.  You never know what Mother Nature has in store for us.  A huge storm can come up quickly and take us all by surprise.  So every year, preparation is required.  I make an appointment for the following week for a routine checkup.  The HVAC company arrived on time and immediately went to work.  After checking the coils, filters, gauges and various other parts of my central heating system, the HVAC technician went about his inspection of the furnace.  He found it lacking some basic parts but nothing to repair. Just routine maintenance.  In fact, my HVAC company was very impressed with the workmanship of the furnace. They don’t make them like that anymore.  Thanks to old fashioned workmanship and my skilled HVAC technician, I am now ready for any kind of winter in my mountain home.