Cool Wines

I am a wine freak, a “wino” as the kids say these days. I love everything about wine. One of my favorite things to do on a weekend is attend wine tastings at new vineyards so that I can stay for the entire day and usually leave with a few bottles in hand. That is the other thing, I love to collect wine as well. I have an entire store in my basement, which I have converted to a wine cellar now. This is not that uncommon where I live, it is famous for its wine. To have a wine cellar, you have to be conscious of the temperature. I have to keep it very cool, which means that I need to have a great HVAC system. The air conditioning is excellent in my basement because i have to have it that way in order to take good care of all the bottles of wine I have there. Reds, whites, ports and many, many more. Even most of the reds have to be kept at a certain temperature in order to maintain their flavor and texture, which not many people know. For me, investing in an efficient HVAC system, is a top priority, and I will happily spend the extra money to make sure I am getting a good HVAC product. I have never had a single problem with my air conditioning system in my basement, but if I do, my HVAC company has always been accommodating, even during the installation process. Overall I love my HVAC system and it keeps my wine always fresh.

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