Boiler system repair after the meeting

Last week, I had a very important meeting with a prospective customer. I had planned my day out perfectly in order to have time to do everything I needed to do. I had just enough time after work to run to the gym, exercise, go home and get ready, then leave to meet the customer at a restaurant. My day was going great, until I got home from the gym. Usually, my boiler keeps my house fairly warm during the winter. I keep the thermostat set to a temperature that isn’t too low, just low enough that I can be comfortable in a sweater and pants. But on this very cold day, when I was looking forward to walking into a warm house after a long day of work, I came home instead to a freezing cold house. I had no idea what was wrong with my boiler, but whatever it was would have to wait until I got home or the next day. I could not be late for my meeting! You can imagine what it felt like to have to get ready in a frozen house. I made it to my appointment and everything went well. I actually ended up spending the night at a friend’s house because there was no way I could sleep in the house without a working heater. The following morning, I called my HVAC company to ask for a boiler repairman to come to the house. He came later that afternoon and went over the whole boiler system with me. It turns out that the problem was not with my boiler but with my thermostat. He told me where I could buy a new smart thermostat and scheduled a follow-up appointment. My boiler is working better than ever now, especially with the new thermostat.

boiler repair