We’re getting ready for the party

My mother has a talent for  hosting parties. She cooks all the food herself.  She puts up decorations and always decks out our house with flowers for almost every holiday. If anyone in the family has a birthday or special occasion coming up, she automatically will offer to host a celebration at our house. I like having friends and family around most of the time, but these events tend to be severely stressful for my mom. She compiles lists of things for us to do around the house,  such as  picking up, cleaning, painting, pulling weeds, washing windows and  doing laundry. I am lucky that our house is equipped with central cooling to keep me cool and comfortable during those when  afternoons I am stuck inside preparing the house. When the Winter arrives and the outside temperature drops, we also  host lots of big holiday parties.  That’s when I am grateful for our heating system. Not only does the furnace and air conditioner make it much more pleasant to clean, but they are instrumental in preventing my mom from having a panic attack. She worries about all the details.  She wants the house  to look good and the food to taste delicious.  During those parties, if the Heating or the A/C were to suddenly fail, I swear she’d suffer a heart attack.  We keep our Heating & A/C equipment in peak condition and it is reliable.  Fortunately, we have never needed to call for HVAC repair  during our parties. My mom might not know it,  but I always turn up the a/c or the heating, depending on the season, when I am working on preparing the house for guests. If my mom wants the help from me,  she is going to have to accept the fact that I need the Heating & A/C system operating on full blast.  Without the HVAC, I would be less cooperative.

cooling system