We’re all excited

I am definitely struggling a bit lately. I have never been good with new technology. I have had the same iPhone for over eight years.  Other than  my  kids telling me that I need an update, I’m fine with it. It just seems like a waste of money to buy  something new, when I use it so seldom. The same is true for our household appliances. The kids recently decided to update the HVAC system for my birthday.  They combined their money   to install a new air conditioner in the master bedroom room, to keep my husband and I cool at night. I struggle with sleeping in the hot and sticky weather. I struggle even worse trying to figure out the air conditioner’s controls! It seems like I have memorized the manual and read the directions numerous times, yet I still can’t get the air conditioner to do what I want.  Whenever our kids come over, they mess around with the air conditioner and get it to start finally working again. But, as soon as they leave and I make an adjustment, the air conditioner quits working for me. They have tried several times to sit down with me and my husband  and teach us how to run the new air conditioner.  The technology just doesn’t click in our brains. The same goes for all other new technology, from HVAC to phones and computers. As much as I want to learn how to manage new technology, I just can’t get the hang of it.  Regardless of how much I try to get the air conditioner to blow cool air, it just won’t cooperate with me.