This air conditioner is perfect

Changing my old habits and learning new technology is not an easy thing for me. I am slow to change. I still have a well used tube TV in my home. I use a CD player when I have to listen to music. I, in addition, have kept the same thermostat when I purchased my house. If it ain’t broken why fix it? I have a digital thermostat which is linked with my heating and cooling equipment. I adjust the thermostat manually. I turn the dial to the set temperature I want my home to become at. I, have temperature control. Lower the thermostat and the temperature drops in the house. Rise the number on the thermostat and the heater kicks on. I prefer it this way. It is simple and straightforward. What if my internet went down? Would I still be able to adjust my thermostat?  I can see the numbers onto it clearly, and nothing ever goes wrong for it. My brother Tony is always looking to get me to upgrade. He is on me to obtain a slimmer television for the livingroom. He has bought my an Ipod that’s still in the box. He really has been pushing is for me to obtain a smart thermostat. He said which could run the thermostat off my computer. It can learn my behavior and adjust the temperature without me doing anything. I must download an app and can make adjusts to my houses cooling & heating system from anywhere! It would be nice to have to remember to turn the thermostat up or down. When I am ready I may invest in the new HVAC technology and a smart thermostat.

HVAC technology