Health problems

My best friend for many years was a woman who went by the name of Helen. She was a mentor to me, who took me into her business and gave me not only a job, but a career. She allowed me to learn as I worked, and she also encouraged me to better myself so I could set off on my own later in life. I never knew my real mother, but Helen was the mom I always wished for. I haven’t seen her in a while now, but I still feel I owe her an enormous debt for giving me that first job in her HVAC system and repair company. I wasn’t certified with HVAC yet, and I’ll admit, the only thing I knew about air conditioners how to turn them on. Even operating a thermostat was beyond my ability level. But Helen kept me anyway, and steer me along, until eventually I got certified as a heating and cooling systems repair technician. Even more than that, she treated me like friend, an equal, not just one of her crew. You would never think that the A/C repair shop was a really fun place to work, but it really was! In time Helen developed some health conditions, so she sold the HVAC business and moved south for a warmer climate. We still talk on the phone once in awhile, and when we do we trade old stories from back in our HVAC days.

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