I did my own heating and air repairs

I work really hard, so I’m not going to say this lightly, but I may quit my career. That’s correct, I am working far too hard and and I don’t believe there is any relief in the near future. We are right in the middle of a hot summer and I work for an air conditioning repair company. We, sometimes, do heating, as well, but the winter season is pretty mild here, so we don’t get very busy then. Right now, though, I can barely handle my workload. I told my employer last week, that I wanted him to hire another HVAC employee to aid me. I spend almost every day running from job to job trying to keep our customers air conditioning working, and have started keeping several A/C replacement parts inside my company van, to cut down on my drive time back and forth from the HVAC shop. We try to keep new duct, filters, and thermostats with me constantly on the job, but my days seem to get longer the faster I work. I begin fixing HVACs at dawn and I am still repairing HVAC systems at sunset. I earn really good money, but I never see my family, anymore. My weekends are taken up by doing overtime for my HVAC company, in an attempt to catch up with my workload. This HVAC job is beginning to really take a toll on my health, and if my boss won’t hire someone to help me fix these HVAC systems soon, he will be one less HVAC employee.

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