HVAC equipment-smart products

My spouse is a contractor for a company that builds smart homes. She makes superb money as well as the homes she builds sell for a significant amount of money. I have been on some of the job sites and have seen the technology that goes into the foundation as well as the web of technology laced throughout the structure of these magnificent creations. They are nothing short of marvelous. The cost of a smart house is quite a pretty penny. Looking for ways to make these homes more affordable to more clients, the investors recently wondered if the cost of radiant flooring was worth the price it added to the housing purchase. The smart refrigerators as well as washing machines could not be adjusted. The smart alarm method that notifies when someone enters or leaves the home is a good seller too. The smart control device that could be controlled by the owner as well as adjust the indoor air pollen levels accordingly, was also a necessary appliance of the smart house. But the radiant flooring was in question. My spouse took surveys from the current residents inside the smart houses. Each one described the radiant floors as their favorite space of the smart house during the frigid weather. As a result, my spouse assured the investors that installing the radiant tubing needed for heated flooring during the laying of the foundation, was much more economical than adding radiant flooring after the house is already built. And after hearing how people talked about the comfort of radiant heat when it is frigid outside, the investors realized they would have to lower costs a different way.