Dog sad at the vet

My dog is such a ham. He is a big black lab and pitbull mix, who loves to stand guard of the apartment and bark at anyone and anything that makes a sound in the hallway. He acts so tough, growling and snarling at other dogs when he’s threatened by them, but you should see him put on a show for human beings. He knows exactly what to do to get their attention and sympathy, and makes everyone fall in love with him. We took him to the veterinary office the other day, and he was up to his usual antics. He made himself look so sad and scared that they actually were adjusting the thermostat for him, thinking that he was too uncomfortable in the air conditioning. We tried to tell them that he just puts on a sad face and he was fine with their temperature settings, but they insisted on decreasing the AC power for him. This dog was curling up in a tiny ball on the ground and giving his ASPCA eyes, so I understand why they thought he was too cold with their central cooling unit blowing cool air all around the examination room. However, I can tell you that his behavior was entirely based on wanting loving pats, rather than needing to take over their temperature control. Still, he was a good boy and took all of his vaccinations well. I just wish they had passed on some of their energy savings from the lower AC power level to us, it would have helped with our bill!

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