Changing the thermostat settings

I was recently talking to my Aunt Tess, and  she mentioned something about how she is always overheated and sweaty.  Aunt Tess was explaining menopause to me. She said that she used to be just like me. I am always feeling way too cool and shivering. I prefer the summer heat, and in the winter, I am  usually  wrapped up in a soft blanket. Since Aunt Tess hit the menopause stage, she is always far too warm. She relies on the a/c for relief. Her house is always chilly. Aunt Tess cranks up the a/c throughout the year to keep cool. She rarely uses her furnace  in the Wintertime, even though the outside temperatures drop below forty on cold nights.  When I visit Aunt Tess, I plan on being too cold. She is always reluctant to turn on the furnace. I know to dress in layers of  clothes when I  go to her house in the Winter. In fact, I noticed that she has even covered some of the air vents just to stop heat from flowing through. It is amazing how hot and sweaty Aunt Tess gets. This is why she relies so heavily on her air conditioner.   I expect she will wear out her cooling system prematurely.  I know that she is conscientious about filter changes and professional maintenance from a licensed HVAC contractor every spring.  I think she’s worried about her air conditioner malfunctioning.  She probably spends a fortune on her electric bill, because she runs the air conditioner at max capacity just about all year round.

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