AC in our home

After many years of growing minds inside the classroom, I made a choice to start gardening. I got myself several plants, and several seeds, so I could have my own vegetables. I did a great deal of research, as well, so I could find out when to plant and how much water or sunlight each individual plant required. As a seasoned professor, I thought I was a superb candidate for this. What I did not think of was the severe heat that came with spending so much time outdoors. I tried a big hat to cover up from the heated sun, but my temperature rose so much, I actually fainted. I found myself dreaming about my ]air conditioning that awaited  inside my house. I got online, knowing I could not be the very first gardener to determine the heat too much to stand, and tried to find ways that others had used to cool off while outside. I found out that I needed to stay hydrated, and to dress in very lite clothing. I also learned to garden while it was early morning, prior to the hot sun rising high up over the trees. This does enable me not be so overheated, but I still find myself counting down the minutes until I can go back inside with my A/C. This was suppose to be a fun hobby, but it was feeling a whole lot like work. I think I want to find a new hobby that allows me to spend my days in my air conditioned house.

AC installation