Upstairs AC problems

I’d just moved to a new city in the northeast and, although I was worried about how much it would cost, I was confident I could make it work somehow; assuming that I managed to locate the right home with some good roommates. I saw a vacant room within a cute house on among the more safe sides of town. I immediately decided it’s the best place available since the roommates seemed great and the small bedroom looked comfortable enough. I moved in a few days later and was raving to my friends about my new life and home. Summer started to approach and I had no clue what to expect. By mid-summer we were experience temperatures in the high 80s and it was humid every single day. It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but I was able to endure it, until I walked into my room on a really hot day. I could not believe how hot the place felt. I was under the impression there was central air, but the room in my home was hot and stale. I spoke to one roommate and she explained that air usually had issues finding its way upstairs. It had been an issue for a very long time. I told her I cannot live like this and, even though it was expensive, I called an HVAC technician to come find out what the issue was. He let me know that it looked like the A/C hadn’t been serviced in a long time. This had all been unexpected, and the cost was going to be in the thousands to fix. I could not afford to replace it on my own and my roommates seemed content. The Monday after, I moved into a new home and ensured to ask about the air conditioning and heating.

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