Thermostat program helps me fact check

My kids attempted to pull one over on my spouse and I. We had received a message from the school that they had been skipping a lot of their afternoon classes the last 14 days. When we talked to them, the kids claimed it simply wasn’t true, but I had my own thoughts. I mentioned it to a friend at work during lunch one day and she brought up something I had not thought of before. The wifi thermostat that was installed installed when we bought our home was something that we can control from a phone from any location. I decided testtest the device and set the A/C to a really cold temperature. It was summer, but I knew my kids disliked when the house was really cold. So, if they walked in and the air conditioner was set to freezing, their first instinct was to turn it off. I programmed the A/C when I arrived at work and set the time to go off after I left for the day. I set it this way for the whole week and, either it would definitely be cold when I arrived home each day, or it would be a lot warmer. It only took two days for my experiment to become a success and I caught the kids messing with the thermostat while I was at my workplace. I couldn’t believe I was seeing it immediately on my phone. I purchased the new thermostat for convenience, having no idea it would let me to keep track of my children, too. I went home early that day, so I could catch them, and never told them how I identified what they were doing; in the off chance that I needed to use my new idea again.

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