The HVAC device settings

I have known my best bud since pre-school. In truth, we were connected to each other even before that due to the fact that we were born at the same neighborhood hospital. Therefore, when we finished high school graduation and landed jobs with the same company, it was a no-brainer that we would room together. Our similarities seemed to mesh seamlessly when we finally settled into our “bachelor pad.”  We both agreed upon the same set up for almost everything in our home. Heck, we even decorated both of our rooms identically! That synchronization soon ended, however, when we had to decide on the easiest method to operate the heating and air conditioning unit. While I tended to be more of a carefree personality when it came to power usage, my best bud was much more frugal minded. For example, to conserve energy, after he returned from dropping the kids off at their friend’s house, he would always leave the entranceway to our windowless bathroom wide open to let it air out… through your house! In opposition, I was an avid supporter of the simple, switch-operated vent fan we never used. It was no surprise, then, when he suggested it’s better to leave our thermostat on “Auto” in lieu of “On,” even during hot summers. After dealing with my buddy’s aforementioned habit, I was absolutely not giving in on this one. After a phone call to our mutual friend who had been a certified HVAC technician, my own attitude changed. Our friend explained that allowing the system to stay “on” allows moisture to be blown back into the dwelling, which not only affects humidity but more causes the A/C to work even harder to cool the home. In the end, I just had to give in on this, too… especially since it involved saving loads of money.

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