AC during my modeling time

I jokingly advertise myself as a “Jane of Trades”; I teach, write, and model a lot. I was asked to come one weekend for a modeling shoot and had a lot of excitement about it because the shoot was with a photographer whose art I appreciated. The shoot was to be in a boxing ring, but he wanted me to come with several outfits, not just fitness. He suggested a beautiful evening gown for the exterior of the graffiti wall and an army fatigue outfit to shoot under the American flag, a large variety of different concepts. This was my type of photo shoot. I arrived in a timely manner, carried my equipment and outfits  up the three flights of stairs considering that elevator was out, found the ring, met with the photographer, who finally showed me to my dressing room. As I was changing, I realized it was actually hot. I made my way out, ready to make the first shoot, and asked if we could possibly lower the temperature a touch. That was when I was told that, not just the elevator was out, but so was the A/C. I chuckled, being the go with it kind, but in my head I couldn’t stop thinking about how on this planet was I going to fit into most of my outfits with tons of sweat rolling down my thighs; and the amount of times reapplying my make-up and re-curling my bangs was going to take. Fortunately, the photographer was extremely professional and gracious concerning shots. We went through a wonderful day, and we got a bunch of amazing pictures, but I have never been any more happier than I was to gain access to my car and turn on my A. C. I let it blast the cold air on me during the hour drive home.

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