Trying to replace his HVAC

My brother and I are truly inseparable. Supposedly, when I was conceived, he was upset that he would be having a little sister as opposed to a little brother. As soon as I was around, though, he quickly took a liking to the idea. Unlike a lot of kids, our childhood was mostly enlightening and peaceful. We were 36 months apart, yet we rarely ever fought. To this day, we constantly hang out and are always helping each other out. Not too long ago, my husband and I bought a fresh house and found that we needed to do lots of renovation and repairs. It was no big deal since the house was cheap, but replacing the old HVAC system was definitely going to be a chore. My brother put us in touch with his heating and cooling repair guy though, so it turned out to be a lot easier with all of the help. Since climate control was this gentleman’s line of work, he was able to help us find the exact HVAC system which would be best for the house. Once we picked one out and ordered it, then it was time for the old heating and cooling equipment to head out. There was a lot of bulky, heavy stuff altogether, but with my brother’s help, the new HVAC system was in and running before we even knew it. It has now been a week, and the wonderful air quality we have been enjoying is unmatched. I can’t even imagine how worse this entire process would have been without all of their help!

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