the heater device is no good

During my travels there was one day trip I took which has been simultaneously the coolest trip and the most brutal. I started off and when I made it to West Virginia I knew there would be no way I was leaving the state without a trip to the Mothman Museum. I was so pumped even though it was going to be a five hour trip one way. I packed my audio books and was all prepared for a relaxing drive. I was a couple of hours driving, when my heating unit in my car quit. Now, my month of travels took place in January, not the best travel time, but it was what I had to deal with. I wasn’t calling off this visit to the museum so I was thankful for my down jacket and that I had heated car seats. A few hours later I arrived in Point Pleasant a bit chilled with a numb back and bum as a consequence of the heated car seats. It felt about ten degrees outside but I was tingling with the spookiness that was so palpable in the town. I didn’t care about the impending cost of getting my heating unit fixed.  I was walking where the Mothman walked, nothing could ruin that day. I took my time inside  the museum, but also to thaw out some and postpone the cold journey home. The family I was staying with kept a superheated home.  I remember the very first time walking into the room, it was like walking into a wall of heat.  I could feel and hear the air blowing from the vents. They must be very proud of their HVAC system.

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