Superior air conditioning in the cabins

Some of my favorite memories growing up were staying for a weekend at my parent’s cabin. They have a small house, near a lake, approximately 3 hours from our hometown. It’s a really rustic environment. There is no cable internet and no HVAC unit at the cabin. Me and my siblings always prepared for the weekend of roughing it anytime we went for a visit. My favorite trips were made through the summer when we had the ability to swim in the lake and take hikes. However the days could really be brutal because it was so hot and there was no air conditioner to escape to during the hottest part of the day. I can remember having a difficult time adjusting to this because I was used to turning my air conditioner on whenever I wanted it. However, it did result in some good memories. There was once when my brothers and I were so hot that we couldn’t sleep at all. In the absence of an air conditioner, we stayed up through the night telling ghost stories and having a long talk about our friends back home. At the end of each trip, we were always happy to get back home so that we could use the HVAC there. Still, one should spend a little extra time in a place that doesn’t have modern luxuries once in awhile. I wouldn’t dream of living anywhere permanently that did not have an HVAC unit and I recognize that this is a luxury. I enjoy roughing it every now and then so that I am reminded of how fortunate my life is.